Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello There!

I haven't written in awhile, mainly due to the internet being down & being busy as a 50's housewife. Also, we just had the little man's first birthday party on Saturday - this year has gone way too fast! I will resume regular posts tomorrow. I plan to update with both posts on how my 50's project is going and some design/decor posts.
The 50's blog post will be a bit more specific. I would say overall there has been big improvements in my life due to this project! It feels great though there are a few spots where I feel I may have 'fallen off the wagon' a bit.  I will be trying to get back on quick! This week I plan to share breakfast ideas inspired by the 50's and also some fall decorating. Also coming soon - the exterior. Forever ago I was talking about cleaning up the outside of the house and haven't brought it up in awhile. It has taken a long time to make progress due to summer schedules, having a newborn, weather, etc, but we have totally been getting there. The weather is at a point where we will need to wrap up for the year so I hope to finish up a couple small items later this week and post in the near future. Happy Monday!

P.S. The slightly dark (sorry!) pic above is of a pear pie I made from scratch during this project - awesome! I usually do make pies at Thanksgiving, but typically I cheat on the crust by using the frozen pie crust from the store and also use can pie filling when needed. Not on this baby - peeled and sliced fresh fruit and made the crust myself! It was delicious.