Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Happy Pink Panther Birthday

(Get Pink Panther theme stuck in your head.....NOW!)

My little Diva recently turned 3 and ofcourse a party was had to celebrate despite the fact she is growing (sniff) Anyhow, she loves the Pink Panther. LOVES. Thanks to netflix we get to watch him every-single-night. Ofcourse being the good mama I am I had tons of great ideas for an awesome Pink Panther party. Ofcourse being the bad mama I am I didn't have time for most of them. :  (
I was impressed with myself over one thing however. I found a vintage 1977 Pink Panther cake pan online. My mom always made us the cakes with the Wilton cake pans and I was determined to try to have the patience to do one. It got to the day of the party and I had to make it. I was afraid there wasn't enough time or it would turn out horrible. I confess to you it is not perfect, but not so bad for a first timer, I don't think.

The worst part was the name, which I did last. Should stopped while I was ahead I guess. I changed the gift box color to match our color theme.

The cake was a surprise for the little diva and she loved it! Here she is blowing out the candles.

Daddy even wore this Pink Panther shirt he found at Kohl's.

Ha! I was a bit surprised we got him to do that! And my super crafty sister-in-law made her this pink panther 'pillow pet.'

She also made her a super cute pink panther skirt with a matching dress for her American Girl doll.

Has your child ever requested a vintage themed party? Were you able to pull it off? I personally like the challenge!

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