Saturday, July 9, 2011

Annual Pooh Sticks Picnic

 Hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend! So far, mine is okay. I am really looking forward to my husband's vacation coming up. Recently we went on our annual Pooh Sticks Picnic. We have been doing this for a few years now and I am not entirely sure how it started, but the kids look forward to it every year. We pack a picnic basket of goodies (this year we cheated and packed it with Subway sandwiches!) and drive about 30 minutes to Covered Bridge Park. After we finish eating, it is time for Pooh Sticks!
Some may ask, 'What is Pooh sticks?' Winnie the Pooh fans may already know. 

Here are the rules, as far as I know.
1. Each player must find a stick. You may want a few so you can play a few times.
2. Each player stands in a row across the bridge, each with one stick in hand. You must all stand on the side of the bridge opposite the way the water is flowing.
3. When the person designated says, "go!" players drop their stick off the side of the bridge.
4. Player then move to the other side of the bridge. The players stick that makes it out first from under the bridge, wins!

Very easy, but the kids love it. It was beautiful weather and great time with the family. We also made a couple friends. ; )

Do you have any fun summer traditions that your family looks forward to? I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday!

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