Monday, July 11, 2011

Fiesta Colors List

Rainy, rainy day here today! The grass and plants really needed the tall drink of water, but it really spoils my spray painting plans for today. Anyway, I recently fell in love with Fiestaware. In fact, I think I am grounding myself from buying anymore for awhile...maybe. As my interest grew I wanted to learn more and started searching for information. The thing I wanted to know the most I was having a hard time finding! I really wanted a 100% complete list of all the colors made and what years they were available. I think I have compiled one and am sharing it here. If you find a major error or see I missed something, let me know. I will also try to keep this updated as best I can. I do not have listed values, pieces, etc. This is just for colors and approximate years. Here you go!

 Fiesta Originals

Red            1936-1943    1959-1972
Ivory           1936-1951
Blue            1936-1951
Yellow        1936-1969
Green         1936-1951
Turquoise  1937-1969

Fiesta Fifties Colors

Rose                    1951-1959
Gray                     1951-1959
Forest Green      1951-1959
Chartreuse          1951-1959
Medium Green    1959-1969

Fiesta Ironstone

Antique Gold       1970-1972
Turf Green           1970-1972

'New' Fiestaware 1986-Present

White                  1986-
Black                   1986-
Cobalt Blue         1986-
Apricot                 1986-1998
Yellow                  1987-2002
Rose                    1987-2005
Turquoise              1988-
Periwinkle Blue    1989-2006
Seamist Green    1991-2005
Lilac                      1993-1995
Persimmon          1995-2008
Sapphire               1996-1997
Chartreuse           1997-1999
Pearl Gray            1999-2001
Juniper                  1999-2001
Cinnabar                2000-
Sunflower              2001-
Plum                      2002-
Shamrock              2002-
Tangerine              2003-
Scarlet                   2004-
Peacock                2005-
Heather                  2006-2008 (I have also seen 2009 listed)
Evergreen             2007-2009
Ivory                       2008-
Chocolate              2008-
Lemongrass          2009-
Paprika                   2010-
Marigold                 2011-       (Limited Edition, select pieces available earlier, 75th Anniversary)

*The color Sunflower is pictured above.

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