Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Living Room Update July 2011

Goooood Morning Readers!! Hope you had an a-mazing fourth of July!

Awhile ago I mentioned my crazy painting spree & while it hasn't quite finished yet I thought I could show you a bit of what I've done. Please let me know what you think. This is technically a 'before' picture. I say this because I was way too excited to paint to take the before pics and this picture is from about a year and a half ago, maybe a little older.
The room never really looked quite this dark, but it was a dark color. A LOT has changed since this picture, but I will start with what had already changed pre-paint. Removed the large coffee table and replaced it with a small storage ottoman/table that had been at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom, different rug, different wall hangings, removed pillows (yeah, haven't replaced those yet.) Um, that might be it.

One more super blurry before.

The before color was 'Chilled Wine' I kind of had a whole jewel tone thing going on. I liked the traditional color schemes but, I really needed something lighter and brighter. Here is some priming;

I really hate priming.  Especially entire rooms. I just get so darn anxious to see the new color on the walls. Sorry the picture is a bit dark, but this was waaay late at night. I just had to stay up and get this part done and over with.

Next was the fun part. The new color was called Creamy Pebbles. As I was putting up the new color I was l-o-v-e loving it! I got it all painted and waited about a week annnd....there was just one problem. The wall above the couch. I had flipped the couch and love seat so the longer couch was on the windowless wall. I had been able to do this by replacing the old end tables with new ones (real wood end tables on clearance at Wal-Mart for $97 each.) Way cheaper than a furniture store and the quality appears about the same. Above the couch I had hung back up what was there before - Ballard Designs entomology plaques and punched metal mirror I got with coupons and sales last summer. It was nice, but it just looked a little plain, needed some pizazz. So I channeled my hours of HGTV watching and thought about painting the area behind the art a different color. As I tend to over think everything, that decision took awhile. I finally decided on a color called Pick Me Up (could I have found a color name more fitting?)

Here is the before with the lovely addition of the painters tape.

I always am nervous doing these projects with painters tape as straight lines and I are not friends. I always desire perfect straight lines, but they just don't like me. : (   However, the taping this time around was much quicker than the nursery project. Maybe I am getting hang of it? Maybe I was just lucky. Anyway, here is the after;

 I like it waaay much! Huge difference. I still want to trim it it out with some slender moulding, kind of like a frame, so I am adding that to the list. Here is a room after, though I warn you the living room is a haven for unfinished projects.

This little dresser was in the Diva's room before the girls had to share and she begged me not to get rid of it so it ended up here. Very cute I think. Plus, lots of storage. : ) The area above it, of course needs quite a bit of work. I already had the jars and basket, white flower dish from Goodwill, lamp also something I got from Goodwill and painted plus shade from Target. Frames were also also from Goodwill, with the exception of the white one which I already had. I will get those sorted out better once they actually have pictures in them. Here is one more after.

If you look close, you can see the kitty hasn't moved much in the past year and a half ; ) The cutie basket on the brown table is from Homegoods. I was originally going to replace the curtains and rug, but they looked totally different with the new paint color and I decided I want to keep them.  I would love to move the love seat out and put some chairs in their place- on the list- and get a new couch, but that may be awhile. Finally, one last time, the before-
And after-

Love the difference so far! Well, I hear I am going to a tea party on the front patio, so have a great day!!

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