Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini transformation + Updates 4/17/11

Happy Sunday! My husband has been on vacation so I haven't had much time to blog lately! That and all my crazy projects. Here is a mini transformation I did recently;

 Above is the 'before.' I found this sad little stool at Goodwill for $6.99 and it just begged for me to take it home. And here is the after;

What do you think? It's not perfect, but it was the first time I did this kind of project and I think it turned out pretty cute. Legs were sanded, primed and painted black. Next, the old fabric was removed and the new fabric (bought with a coupon from JoAnn fabrics) was put on with a staple gun. I haven't decided for certain where it will go, but it has been floating around and has been quite popular with cats and kids alike.

As far as updates go;
Nursery: Nothing much new here. I have one project left, unless I come up with more, but will need a little help from my husband. I also need to get a couple furniture pieces and then the room is set!

Girls Room: After the major cleaning overhaul, the room has been staying pretty nice and clean. There are a few things to hang up and a couple other little odds and ends. I did do the major project in there that I was not looking forward to. I went through ALL the clothes, pulled out the stuff that doesn't fit, went through buckets of clothes from storage, and got everything arranged and put away. It took a looooong time, but I am relieved it is done and over with. There is still a large overflowing box of clothes to get rid of. My husband said he will get them all nicely boxed and taken to a resale shop for me, but I am not going to hold my breath on that. I will wait a couple days just because I can't bear to look at any more clothes right now! I think we may also hold a rummage sale, but if I can get the clothes out of here before that, I am not waiting!

Playroom: Also spent some time cleaning/organizing in here as all the toys previously in bedrooms needed a new home. I removed 4 large bags of toys. I am running out of places for all this stuff!

Bathroom: Not much here either. I believe all the boards are cut for the board and batten, but I need to do a little more painting before the boards can all go up.

Living room: Decided to repaint and have begun the primer to cover all the dark red paint! Stay tuned!

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  1. Uggghhh, I always hated going through clothes! Sorting, sizing... I'm glad my girls are all old enough to do it themselves now! Your stool is cute, and sounds like lots of projects in various stages of completion ~ fun! :)