Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bathroom Update

I am all over the place lately with designing, etc. Every time I start doing spring cleaning I want to start changing things... Of course it doesn't help that I have been exhausted. My husband's work schedule changed temporarily and I am having a terrible time adjusting. He really has been no help. He also was supposed to be on vacation this week, but that got bumped till next week. My oldest is almost finished with cheerleading, but her Irish dance has been very busy with St. Patrick's Day approaching. Friday she performed at a Fish Fry at a nearby college and Saturday she was in two parades. Today was church, followed by an hour and a half dance practice for their St. Patrick's Day show. I also am being very indecisive with the bathroom.

What it is now: While we plan to eventually add at least one more bathroom this is currently the ONLY bathroom in our house. It is also fairly small (about 8x5 though I may be slightly off. The cabinets I painted a cream color which in the very least I need to touch up. The countertop is an ugly blue formica (courtesy of the lovely previously owners.) I had painted the walls a tan and there is a section around the vanity I painted in a color called wine frost. I painted this probably about four years ago. Tub and shower wall are not in the greatest shape.

The plan (tentatively): I think the cabinets can be kept if I sand them and repaint them. At this point I am still happy with the cream color, but if it doesn't work with other choices I am open to change. I would like to leave the purple accent. I plan to purchase new knobs for the cabinets, but have not found anything I love just yet. I plan to replace the beat up old door, but plan to salvage the awesome vintage glass doorknob because I just can't part with it. As for the wall color, it is neutral I suppose I could leave it, but I really want to paint it a nice soft gray. I think. I looked at Home Depot for tile thinking I wouldn't find anything, but fell in love with some beautiful marble hextile. It was a whitish with grays with black tiles mixed in. However, I am very apprehensive about using marble in such a high traffic location. Any one with experience opinions in this?

What I have purchased so far: Oddly, I have purchased quite a bit from Target. My two year old diva had loved this black & white shower curtain they had there. One day we had run in there to pick something up after a dr. appt. & started browsing...they had one of the shower curtain left, on clearance for $5. I finally caved and let her get it. I also purchased shower curtain hooks that are from their 'Simply Shabby Chic' line. I liked them because they mimic the style of my door knob. A couple days ago I bought a towel ring, tower bar, glass shelf and tp holder from there also. They have polished chrome finish and are from the corbin collection. I also got a Pottery Barn bud vase for $10 at a thrift shop, but not sure if I will be able to use it or not.

The picture above is of the purple wall color (sorry I know lighting is bad) and the wall sconce I think is going to go. Keep dreaming design!

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