Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Princess & the Diva

So...I have been very busy the past several days on top of the usual busy. Lots of things going on, both good and bad. Friday I had a mini meltdown. I was exhausted because I never get enough sleep lately and from the day before.
St. Patrick's Day my oldest daughter participates in something called 'School's Day' for her Irish dance. We drive her all over and she and her group dance at the various locations, mostly schools. We had to be at the first stop at 7:30am, plus we drop the two other kids off at Gramma's first. We normally also serve dinner at our house, but there was no way. To avoid the kids being overly upset about it, I stayed up late preparing food so we could eat at Gramma's after the dancing.
Friday I had more things to do than I could ever get done which has become a common theme. I was sincerely trying my best. Then, my oldest got home from school and was crying and freaking out because she had a loose tooth and she didn't want it to fall out before her big cheerleading celebration she was going to-for what it's worth it did fall out, but not before I felt the start of a migraine coming in.
Being in the house is more and more stressful and it is harder and harder to get ready. I am ashamed to admit that it is almost -if not- Clean House worthy. As a hard core neat freak it absolutely makes my skin crawl. At this point trying to clean is is like trying to do a rubix cube. You shuffle things from one place to the next, but nothing gets accomplished, and there is someone constantly behind you undoing what you have done. It makes me feel horrible and feel like I'm 'not doing my job.' So, anyway, as time allows, I will let you know how I attempt to resolve this. As I said, I am ashamed to tell people these things, but I feel like maybe there are others like me and maybe we can help each other.
To start off, I will let you know I generally have very little time to work on this. My husband has been working alot and at odd hours leaving me to care for the kids which takes the majority of my time. Friday I had a major stress induced migraine which carried through till Saturday. I will begin charting my progress as of Saturday.

Saturday, March 19: As I said, major migraine. Unable to do much all morning and the husband had to work at night. I was able to get some done. I worked on a mural I am doing in the nursery (the nursery is by far the cleanest room in the house, so no major cleaning needed there, just making it pretty.) I decided to concentrate on one section of the Princess & Diva's room at a time until whatever could not reasonably fit would have to go. They share a 12x10 room since the youngest had to give up her room for her baby brother. Day 1 did find me some progress there. It sounds wierd, but for my purposes I started at the wall furthest from the door. Most of this wall has their bed against it. I had recently washed all their bedding, so I got beds cleared off and made, cleared out under the bed and then got to the dresser. I completely cleared off the top. It is a tall dresser that is being used for the Diva's clothes.

Sunday, March 20 aka Day 2: Spent the morning at church and got to spend a little time on progress. Did some more painting in the nursery until the Little Man got hungry. On the girl's room I cleared out another section, not quite as large as yesterday. Today was a little more piddily. I used boxes to organize things that there are larger quantities of, such as dollhouse furn./accessories, American Girl items, Littlest Pet Shop, etc. I'd say at this point we are almost halfway as far as the appearance of the room, but there is LOTS of stuff left in that tiny room! Mondays are usually less stressful as my oldest has school, but no activities that day. Wish me luck!

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