Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting it Clean: The Bathroom

We are into June now, how is your spring cleaning coming along? I am one of the crazies who looks forward to spring cleaning. I love spring, everything coming awake and alive from its winter slumber. The first fresh warm breeze I feel I am popping open the windows, picking up the first cleaning product I can reach and getting down to business. Ofcourse, I am aware that the majority of people do not feel this way. I am going to walk you through some cleaning tips to get you on the way to a fresh clean bathroom.

Let's get started!

1) Set aside time for this project depending on how messy the space is and if you have more than bathroom you plan to tackle. It is always better to overestimate so you can ensure the project will be completed.

2) Take a look at your bathroom in general. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Also, get some supplies together such as garbage bag, cleaning products, etc.

3) Remove all visible garbage.

4) Remove all visible dirty laundry.

5) Take a look in any cabinets you have in the bathroom along with anything sitting out that is not part of the decor. What products are being used on a regular basis? Which items have been sitting for a long time unused? If its been awhile it is likely there are even expired items. First, throw out expired products. Next, sort through what is left. Remove unused items that are wasting space. Throw them away or give them away when applicable. Next, I highly recommend going to a local WalMart, Target or even the dollar store to find small storage bins to organize what is left within the drawers so it stays clean and accessible. Put away everything. If it does not all fit you may need to eliminate more items or find another place to store some items.

6) Next spend time thoroughly cleaning the sink/vanity area, mirrors, toilet and shower/bathtub areas.

7) Sweep/vacuum and wash the floor.

8) Next is the detail work. Clean light fixtures and replace missing light bulbs, wipe walls and baseboards, clean/dust artwork and decor, put out fresh towels, etc.

9) Take a look at your work! The bathroom should now be clean! If budget and desire allow, you may want to go further. For not too big of investment you can replace a shower curtain, towel, rugs or even accessories. You could even try painting cabinets or walls or switching out hardware. These are fairly easy, inexpensive changes that can make a big impact.

10) You don't want all this work to be for nothing! Make a plan. Choose one day a week for deep cleaning the bathroom. If you stay on top of things you shouldn't need more than 15 min for a small bathroom, slightly more for grander spaces. On 'deep clean days' you can empty the garbage, clean shower bathtub, wash floors, etc. On a daily basis, every time you enter the bathroom, clean anything that can cleaned under a minute. Put away/remove any items left out that don't belong, quickly wipe away that blue toothpaste your kids love sticking to everything. It will save you time and stress later. Enjoy your clean bathroom and keep dreaming design!

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