Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun Valentines idea for Little Writers & Thrift Store Find

Today is a bit better than yesterday. We were able to get the car towed for free and borrow a car while ours is in the shop. Hopefully tomorrow we will find out what is wrong and even more hopefully find it is something minor. Girls are both on their meds. Hubby is at work.

Here is something fun my oldest daughter and I have been doing that I thought I would share. She is in kindergarten and is learning to write. She loves to practice. Now that Valentines is approaching, craft stores have tons of little mailboxes. I purchased two little mailboxes, one for my daughter and one for myself, and also pulled out a small pad of paper laying around the house. My daughter loves it! She is always writing me sweet little letters. Not only that, but her writing is getting better and better. I plan for us to decorate the mailboxes, just haven't gotten a chance yet. Maybe I will get another pic up once they are decorated.

These gems, pictured above, are my thrift shop find. They had the numbers 1957 stamped on the back, not sure if that was the year or meant something else. They were a wood color around the picture. I painted the wood surrounding the picture with a couple of coats of black acrylic paint. Next I gently sanded for a distressed look. Finally, I sprayed these with a coat of matte sealer. Love these! Until next time, keep dreaming design!

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