Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Roller Coaster Kind of Day

Ugh! Another crazy day. Got my oldest off to kindergarten & a bit later had a drs appointment. Most likely nothing serious, which of course is good. Next off to an errand. While wrapping up, they called about our car. Guess what- needs a new engine and will cost about $2400 to fix. Big bummer is an understatement. Most likely will be putting kitchen reno on hold, I say to my hubby. After this he takes me to a Goodwill I haven't been to recently, raising my spirits by feeding my addiction! Well, let me tell you, it was a fun time, aside from waiting forever for a parking spot because some lady was trying to talk on her cell phone and park her truck at the same time. Anyway, my spoils *Pottery Barn Large Footed Bowl w/retail sticker for $38 still on it *Small Pottery Barn Bowl from 'Seaside' line, *cool framed flower print, *cute little canvas that says 'strawberries and cream, *cute metal and glass rose tea light holder, *cute picture frame, a new in pkg Lang Easter puzzle (most likely for an Easter basket) *gold candle holder thingy and finally *big wooden thing with hooks and spots for pics. I will add pics and updates as I get to these things.

After this, I come home excited about our little shopping trip, get in the door and find that it got warm enough for the kitchen window to start dripping again. This was the worst it has ever leaked, I had to clear off both sides of the counter (window is above the sink.) So frustrating. I couldn't do much else as my daughter was home & it was time to take her to cheerleading. I didn't want to make dinner what with lack of counter space and all, so we picked up some chinese take out. We almost always stop at this same place if we're hankering for chinese food, but it is made to order so it takes a bit to get your food. While my husband waited for them to make it I walked over to a nearby store and got the latest issues of Romantic Country & Traditional Home. Now husband is out, girls are in bed & baby is sleeping. I can't decide - work on crafts or read my new mags. I will have to let you know how it goes!

Above is my 'thrift store find.' These were wooden candlesticks that my husband said were too ugly, but he wouldn't stop me from buying them. I sanded, painted with a few coats of paint, sanded again and sealed and I personally think they are amazing! I don't think I would put candles in them, I just like how they look. Ok, off to do whatever I decide to do - until next time keep dreaming design!

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