Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby Steps

Sorry I haven't been updating daily, but it is hard to find time to blog when you are a 50's housewife! The last few days have varied. Day 4 I felt a lot better as I didn't put as much pressure on myself and tried the best I could. My nonstop work eventually rubbed off on my husband and he started cleaning our packed full garage (yay!) I had to market (shop) that day but was waiting for my husband to finish in the garage. Anticipating a late trip I had made dessert ahead of time and went with the good old stand by of spaghetti and salad for dinner so we wouldn't be eating too late. Dessert was the peanut bar thing that was good, but don't know if I would make it again.
Day 5 was the second day my husband had to work since this started which somehow made me think it would be easier. I tried getting up at 6 to see if that would be early enough and it seemed good. I fed the dogs and took them for a walk, freshly pressed clothes for my husband to wear for work and made a yummy almond braid thing for breakfast. He didn't sit and eat it though just took it with him to work. : (
  Almond braid

At least the kids enjoyed it.  Next I got my daughter ready and off to school. By this day I was starting to feel slightly less tired and much happier. For my deep clean project I had to cheat and use it as time to work, but I still managed to do a couple loads of laundry, bake two more loaves of bread and do plenty of cleaning. I also made homemade pizza for dinner.

Not sure if they did that in the 50's but it was delicious! An exciting development happened in our household on Thursday as well - the little man took his first step! He stood without holding anything in the middle of his playpen, he then took a step to get to the railing. He was so proud of himself he immediately sat down and started clapping!

Day 6 (Friday) saw continued progress. It is getting easier to wake up and get going and it is exciting to see how well I will do, how much I will accomplish. My husband however has been dampening my mood a bit by being a major flat liner lately. He has been going through some stuff with work and it has been making him NO FUN. I got up at 6 again thinking it would be earlier enough. My husband got up earlier than usual, put on the pants I had ironed and layed out and put on a different shirt while I was ironing one! I wasn't happy. Then just as I was about to make his breakfast he said he had to leave for work (about 40 min. earlier than usual) and left. I guess he isn't too impressed with the 50's housewife. I was really clicking through the steps on Friday however and feeling pretty good about it. For my deep clean I concentrated on the girls room. I washed all my older daughter's bedding and for my younger daughter I started packing away all her more summery clothes and putting away some fall winter ones. For dinner I figured we would have fish and made something similar to earlier in the week.

 I served it with a fresh salad and used up a box of rice we had.  For dessert we had a delicious apple crisp that I made from scratch topped with homemade whipped cream. Delightful. Afterwards my little three year old helped me pick up the toys and books in her room that had come out since I cleaned. Before bed her and I watched an episode of Dennis the Menace that I found on Netflix (I know very un-50s-ish but it is a 50's show and it isn't on regular tv.) I remember watching that show when I was little - 'Oh, Mr. Wil-son!' Classic! Well, Saturday is day 7, wish me luck! Also if anyone has any questions about anything put them in the comments or email to dreamingupdesigns AT yahoo DOT com. I will answer in a future post. Bye!

Dennis the Menace

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