Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 0 : Prepping for the Fab 50's

Good evening, all! I am about to collapse from exhaustion, but I had to give a little update. I refer to this as day 0 as there are things I had to do to prep for tomorrow to work ; ) I cleaned my little man's room, baked a whole lot of cookies, did laundry and dishes and got a bagged lunch ready for the husband. Fingers crossed this won't be a flop! I admit I began having my doubts around 5 pm today...

This room was cleaned spotless yesterday. And after certain little people were told they had better pick this room up...

A lovely little under-the-bed-sweeper.

I had planned to go into more details on what all I plan to do but, will have to be done throughout the week. Nighty night.

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