Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Okay. Maybe I am not triple crazy with three exclamation points crazy. I do feel a little sleep deprived, exhausted crazy. I am having a hard time even making sentences, whew! Looong day! So, I have had a kind of rough year without getting too specific or personal. It has taken its toll and snowballed from  there. I am now trying to claw my way back to 'normal-land.' Well, normal for me anyways. : )  I have some extreme ideas planned, but first things first.
The fact is a I have been depressed. I've been busy. My dishwasher and vacuum broke recently (vacuum fixed, dishwasher not.) My house isn't looking so pretty and I can't stand it, people! It gets messy then I feel more depressed which makes me feel tired... Anyways, I really wanted to get my booty back into gear and its anyone's guess whether or not I can do it. I have a project planned and we will consider this the 'transition.' 
Today I decided to get back into my old cleaning routine. This would be a light cleaning of areas, dishes, laundry and major clean in one area. Because I am behind I decided to skip the light cleaning part and just really focus on one area. Wednesday was the day dedicated for kitchen, back hall and back stairs.
About this area of my house. The kitchen is a small 10x10 room. The kitchen was remodeled by the previous owners in a way that is difficult to use. The back hall is a small area with hooks for hanging coats, etc., and the stairs lead to the basement.
Today was not fun. My body, namely back and legs, are screaming, at me. Ouchie. I cannot wait to go to bed and it is not quite 8:30.
I did three loads of laundry. Yes, that's right. One load of baby items, one lights, one darks. Many, many, many dishes. All by hand. If there are still people out there who get by without dishwashers (and I'm certain there are) wow. I tried to do the dishes in small loads throughout the day, to make it easier if that is logical. We had dishes from the day before, dishes from the day and 'extra dishes' from various other sources. I actually had to stop, aside from the crippling pain, because I ran out of dishsoap! For real. And my lunch was a hostess cupcake -yuck!- because I didn't want to create any extra dishes for myself! No lie. I also took care of some prep work for my 'work', cleaned up items for a rummage sale, watered plants outside, took care of kids (duh!) worked on some projects cluttering the kitchen and I'm too tired to recall what else. My back hurts so bad by 4:30 that I collaspsed on the couch for about 20 minutes before I took a bottle of some ibuprofen and got back to it. By about 6:30 I realized I had better make dinner. Next I realized hubby had about 3 lbs of ground beef sitting in the fridge that needed to be used. I browned half and made a double batch of hamburger helper. After this I will be making another to save for tomorrow. Besides the fact kids didn't eat till after 7. Bad mommy. Ugh. The picture above is of the kitchen around 5:30.  Not looking so hot. A loong ways to go. Yuck.
Not a good start to crawling out of the whole.
Tomorrow is a new day. Now to pry myself off this couch and make tomorrows dinner. Or fall asleep on  the couch. Yawwwwn.

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