Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 3: No June Cleaver

Day 3 I was awake at 7 and although tired things did go pretty smoothly. There was plenty of breakfast left over from the day before so all I had to do was reheat it in the oven. As things went well I also decided to catch up on my beauty routine, something I had not gotten to the day before. Monday was supposed to be a facial and Tuesday a pedicure. I must admit I had not had either in ages. At first I felt a little guilty making myself pretty when I could be cleaning (or doing dishes!) but in the end I rather enjoyed it. After the morning activities the afternoon unfortunately was a wash. My husband tried to be helpful and made the bed when he got up, but we needed a couple things and he wanted me to go along. We did not get home until almost 4 which of course totally threw off my day. Everyone was still hungry so I made tuna salad sandwiches and served some leftover pie. On the plus side I did get a few 50's cookbooks while we were out. Then I helped my oldest with her homework and had to make dinner. We had pork topped with a mix of apple pie filling and crushed ginger snaps, leftover carrots and some delicious sesame green beans. Since we ate the pie for lunch I needed a new dessert and I found a boxed brownie mix which I made. I was so tired that my husband told me to go lie down around 9:30.
My fatigue brings me to an observation. I have been so fatigued I have been having a hard time getting in the 50's groove and being really hard on myself for it. As I mentioned before, I had decided I could use products in my home until they were used up (it wouldn't be in the 50's spirit to waste things) but then when they ran out they had to be replaced with a time appropriate item. A couple of days before the project started I ran out of diet mountain dew. In average I had been drinking approximately 3 cans per day. Diet Mountain Dew came out in late 80's. Regular Mountain Dew was around in the 50's, but wasn't widely available until it was purchased by Pepsi in 1964. That all aside soda was not for all the time like today. It was a special treat and wasn't sold in big buckets like it is today. So I stopped drinking it. The first few days I noticed I had headaches and major fatigue. After the headaches were gone I thought I was over it. I thought I was tired because I was a failure at the 50's. However, I have now read that when you stop using/drinking artificial sweeteners (ex. diet dew) it can take as long as two weeks for your body to stop having withdrawal symptoms. After that the roller coaster still isn't over. You could still have a couple weeks of habitual cravings. For example, artificial sweeteners are supposed to make you actually crave more sweets in general so some of those cravings may still be there.
Here a decision had to be made, should I go on with the project or wait the two weeks for recovery? I already started and I want to continue. We will just have to keep in mind these first couple weeks that I will be extra frustrated and tired and hopefully after that things will improve. Here's to day 4!

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